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Optical Surveillance and Analysis SystemOptical Surveillance and Analysis System

The Optical Surveillance and Analysis System (OSA) is an optical system that detects and recognises surrounding objects. It transmits this data in a machine-readable form to the ANS while also sending the processed video image to human interfaces (such as the Remote Control Station and Bridge Advisor).

The OSA resolves the challenging task of fulfilling conventional requirements of providing visual observation in a completely autonomous mode while sitting in parallel to human-operated remote mode. Although we are only beginning the process of training the OSA neural network to reliably recognise any objects in different conditions at this current time, we believe that this automated approach that does not rely on human-operated remote controls will pay off in the future. This therefore goes a step further than simply moving human operation and oversight from onboard to shore.

At the same time, the OSA allows us to improve the quality of situational awareness for humans, both on board and in the RCS. Augmented reality (an image with additional indicative information) and even completely virtual models (in case of poor visibility or problems with the communication channel between the remote control and the vessel) may well become common everyday tools of navigators in the near future.

Internal CCTV provides various tasks like indoor video recording, automatic control over the condition of rooms (movement, change of geometric parameters, etc), equipment (change of indication, switch states, etc), cargo (displacement, crumbling, tilt and other parameters), and the transmission of this video information to the Bridge Advisor and Remote Control Station (RCS).