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Remote Engine and Technical MonitoringRemote Engine and Technical Monitoring

Engine control and technical monitoring systems (ETC) are well-known and widely used by shipping companies. These days nearly any hardware is delivered by manufacturers onboard the vessel along with their monitoring, control and even remote maintenance systems. Therefore we have simply moved the interfaces of these existing systems to outside of the vessel.

With R meaning remote-controlled, the R-ETC gathers and transmits technical parameters and alerts to the Remote Control Station. Due to this, the RSS can be considered an analogue of the central control station onboard the ship. Together with the smart Internal CCTV, it performs watch functions for the inspection and registration of events and checks parameters on board without interfering with the ship's rooms and equipment.

Currently vessels that come equipped with ETC while having proper class automation don’t require the permanent presence of a crewmember in the engine room. With a-Nav we offer the next step in this evolution, which is the removal of the need for the permanent presence of a crewmember from the bridge.